Kohiemke Efraïmsdochter

I love pastel hair colors, lamantines, fennec foxes,books...and things that are older than me. I make associations that most people don't understand, and I want a life that is beyond understanding.


Ronan ! Finally had some time to finish him :) 
Fineliner on Paper.Guardians of the Galaxy Fan art.
Mentaly tired… Still good face…

homer simpson on We Heart It.

Marta Lipinski


Do you ever imagine Charles taking out the X-men for bowling, his treat, and he’s just chilling, watching them run around and Jean starts kicking ass using her telekinesis to knock down the pins and Erik’s like “Charles I’m getting the metal ball” and Charles is like “Erik no, nope, you need to calm down” 

These are the things that make me get up in the morning